Woven ribbon heart tutorial

woven ribbon heart by sewmccool.com

Hearts, hearts, everywhere ….. it’s the season of love. Make this simple woven ribbon heart and add it to hair clips, pins, or scrapbook pages. They’re easy – I promise!

What you’ll need:

* Three pieces of 1/4in (6mm) -wide ribbon in Color A, cut to 4in, 3 1/2in and 3in (10, 9, and 8cm) You can get the ribbon at The Ribbon Retreat!
* Three pieces of 1/4in (6mm) -wide ribbon in Color B, cut to 4in, 3 1/2in and 3in (10, 9, and 8cm)
* Scissors
* Heat-sealing tool or lighter for polyester ribbon, or seam sealant for natural-fiber ribbon
* Hot glue gun and glue

Woven ribbon heart tutorial

First, line up your two colors of ribbon from smallest to largest, in two piles. Glue same colors together in order of size, with the smallest ribbon on top, along on one short edge (second photo, below – I’m showing them spread out for photography purposes…and pointing where you need to glue…but you will be placing them directly on top of each other and *not* fanned out like this. Just in case you wondered).  You’ll have one set in Color A and another in Color B. Now glue one set on top of the other at the tip, forming a V. The right-hand set should be glued on top of the left-hand set.

woven ribbon heart collage 1

Next, loop the top, short ribbon from the right-hand side and place it underneath the short ribbon on the left, below. You’ll glue this on top of the second ribbon in the left-hand set. Now take the short left-side ribbon and loop it toward the right, placing it under the previous loop and glueing it along the top edge, as shown.

Can you see the woven ribbon heart forming?

Woven ribbon heart collage 2

Now back to the right! Loop the next right-hand ribbon and place it under the left-hand loop, and glue along the top edge. Repeat with the left side, but weave it under the right-hand loop you’ve just made, over the previous loop, and glue it under the first edge. Sounds harder than it is – you’ll “see” what to do as you work.

Woven ribbon heart collage 3

And…finally! Back to the right side. Loop the right side under the left-hand loop you just made, and weave it over and under the previous loops. Glue in place. Repeat with the remaining ribbon on the left side.

Woven ribbon heart collage 4

Pretty easy, wasn’t it? I jazzed up the one below with some hot-fix crystals (my affiliate Fire Mountain Gems and Beads is a great resource) because I’m going to add it to a hair clip for my daughter. She loves bling. But it also looks beautiful on its own!

woven ribbon heart with crystals

Have fun making this woven ribbon heart! They’re so easy and fun…you just might be passing them around to everyone! (Enjoyed this tutorial? You might also enjoy this woven ribbon shamrock tutorial!


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