Sewing with Knit fabrics – free printable downloads

Sewing with Knit fabrics with Birdsong and SewMcCool

Knit fabrics can seem a little scary. I avoided them. I pretended they didn’t exist. And yet….I longed to make shirts for my girls that didn’t require much ironing (I don’t enjoy pressing woven tops!). And I have an obsession with fun and funky leggings.

But I got over my fear. I discovered that sewing with knit fabrics isn’t that hard! So last year I decided to tackle several patterns to teach you how to sew with knits.

Sewing with knit fabrics with sewmccool

I had dreams of several more mouth-watering patterns that you couldn’t wait to get your hands on….

…and then life got in the way.

Not in a bad way – in a good way. I landed a book deal….about my first love, ribbon. And so I worked and worked on the book while my beautiful knit fabrics sat, waiting for me to return to them.

I bet there are several knit fabric patterns you’d like to sew! If you missed my tutorials on sewing with knits before and have some great patterns you already want to use, but are too afraid to try ….. I’ll rescue you. Here are some free printable PDF downloads for you.

*First, get started sewing with knit fabrics.

*Then, learn how to sew seams with knit fabrics.

*Next, tackle sewing hems with knit fabrics.

No serger required. You’ll be an expert at sewing with knit fabrics before you know it. I promise.

Once you “get your feet wet” with these downloads, follow along with the Ottobre Sew-Along, where you can learn how to sew up a dress using a European pattern…from start to finish! You’ll learn great tips along the way!

If you’re looking for patterns to start with right away, I’ve got basics in my shop. There are lots of options in each pattern! And they have been fully tested by great testers, like Nichole of Bluebird and the Boy:

Learn how to sew with knit fabrics

So wow your family in 2014 – learn to sew with knits. You’ll feel like a real sewing pro! Have friends who also want to learn to sew with knits? Please direct them here! We can have a new-fashioned sewing party, and the more…the merrier!

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  1. says

    What a great find! Thanks for sharing your knowledge. I’ve got some gorgeous organic knits waiting in my stash to be sewn into something wonderful for my grandson.

  2. barb sampson says

    I just signed up for your newsletter and already I have learned quite a few things. I have been sewing for 59 years but I can always learn more- so thanks.

    • Deanna McCool says

      Thank you, Barb!! I bet I could learn a lot from you! That’s the thing with sewing…..I don’t think we can learn it all in a lifetime, which keeps it fun and interesting.


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