How to sew a petal hat

Hi, I’m Chelsea and I am the blogger and designer over at GYCT Designs, and I’m going to show you how to sew a petal hat – and it’s reversible! I am so excited to be a contributor here at Sew McCool.

If you are like me, you try to keep your children’s skin protected from the sun. As summer is in full swing here, I wanted to make sure my baby girl had something to protect her while we play outside, go to the pool and sit and watch all the parades.

Meet the Petal Hat!

How to sew a petal hat that's reversible by GYCT Designs on

Last summer, I designed this cute hat for my baby girl. I wanted to make one for this year. I have seen similar hats in some larger sizes but not something for tiny baby heads. I thought, if I am going to make one for my baby girl, why not share the fun and provide the pattern for all of you!


The pattern comes in 3 sizes:
Small (3 months to 6 months)
Medium (6 months to 12 months)
Large (12 months to 24 months).

Okay, are you ready to start sewing???

What you’ll need

2 fat quarters (I like contrasting fabrics, but you can do whatever)
Petal Hat Pattern Pieces (sizes 3 month to 24 month)

How to sew a petal hat that’s reversible

Step 1
Cut out your pieces. You’ll need 5 petals of your main fabric, 5 of the lining and 2 for the ties.

Place 2 petals right sides together, matching side seams. Stitch from the point at the top down to the end of the side seam with a 1/4-in seam allowance, and make sure to backstitch.

Add the next petal with right sides together and stitch down the side seam. Repeat with remaining petals until all 5 are sewn together.

Repeat the above steps with lining pieces. Set aside your main hat and lining hat.


Step 2
With right sides together, fold one of your ties in half vertically. Stitch across one of the short edges and down the long edge. Clip your corner. Repeat with the other tie.

Carefully turn your ties right side out using a turning device such as a wooden dowel or the eraser side of a pencil, as shown below.


Step 3
Take your hat lining and place it wrong side out. Pin your ties directly across from each other on the hat.

how to sew a petal hat 4

Turn your main hat right side out, place it inside the lining. Match up all the petals and pin in place. Make sure you mark a spot for a 2″ opening in the middle of one of your petals. This will be used to turn the hat right side out.

how to sew a petal hat 5

Step 4
Stitch around the petals of your hat at 1/4″, leaving one of your petals open. As you stitch, make sure to carefully follow the curve of the hat. When you get the a seam, make sure to put your needle down and turn your hat so that your petals have a nice shape and look separate when you turn it right side out.


Step 5
Clip along each of your petals every 1-2″. Clip into each of your seams. This allows the petals to lay flat and curved when turned.

Carefully pull your hat right side out through the opening you left on one of your petals. Press your hat around each petal and seam. Making sure all the rounded edges and corners are flat and smooth. When you get to your open petal, press the raw edges inside the hat so that they don’t show.


Step 7
Topstitch your main fabric and lining together at 1/8″ by following curve of each petal. Make sure that your topstitching closes your open petal.

Congratulations, now you are done. Go find that cute model of yours and try it on her.

And…don’t forget to check out some of my other tutorials and projects at GYCT Designs.


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  1. Nancy says

    Hi Chelsea, Your petal hat is adorable. I bought the fat quarters and started to sew the petals together but I didn’t see the seam allowance in the directions. (I apologize if I overlooked it) Will wait to finish until I hear from you so I don’t ruin a beautiful project. Thank you.

  2. Linda Gillian says

    This is adorable! I am expecting a new granddaughter any day now so this will really come in handy! Can’t wait to make it!


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