How to sew a veil and add to a barrette

sew a veil with

When my daughter and I went shopping for her dress for First Communion…

(I decided not to make her dress, if you remember)….

She fell in love with the veils.

Price: $175-$300!!!

I had always planned to sew a veil for her instead, but I was still shocked at the price.

If you don’t plan to do any intricate beading (which is lovely….but depends on your love for hand sewing and your time), you can sew a veil in  30 minutes or less.

I’m showing how to attach the veil to a barrette, because it’s a great solution for girls (who love to run and play) or women who have fine hair. Let’s face it – if your hair is fine and straight, a comb just doesn’t stay in very well.

What you’ll need:

* 1yd (1m) + of tulle (from the bolt)
* 6in (15cm) of 7/8-1in-wide (22-25mm) satin ribbon
* A French barrette (can be purchased through my sponsor, The Ribbon Retreat.)
* Size 5-8 Perle Cotton and a chenille needle
* Small beads and crystals, beading needle and nylon thread, if using (my affiliate Fire Mountain Gems and Beads is a great resource)
* Scissors
* Sewing machine (recommended, but you can also gather by hand)
* Hot glue gun and glue sticks


sew a veil by materials


How to sew a veil

First, decide how long to make your veil by measuring from the top of the recipient’s head to where you want the veil to fall. Carefully cut a curve into both lower corners of your tulle, so the edges aren’t straight and/or jagged.

Then, gather the top edge on your sewing machine. An easy way to do this is to set your stitch length to a long basting stitch, and your tension all the way up. This will gather the tulle as you sew (below)! If you don’t have a sewing machine, you can do this by hand by taking long running stitches and gathering … but the machine method is easy and fast.


sew a simple veil by collage 1


Next, carefully glue the gathered edge to the top of your barrette with your hot glue gun.

sew a simple veil by sewmccool 2


You’ll need to cover the tulle to make the top more attractive!

I made a simple and elegant bow. Fold your ribbon piece in half to find the center. Then, loop both sides toward the center, overlapping (right top photo, below).

Insert your needle and thread from the center back, then fan-fold the ribbon and wrap the thread around the center before tying off and clipping the thread.

sew a simple veil by collage 2


Sew or glue a center wrap or a couple of small beads in the center to hide your stitching, then glue the bow down on top of the gathered tulle on your barrette.

sew a simple veil by sewmccool 4

To wear the veil, tie hair back with a discrete hair band, and clip the veil above the band. This way, it won’t slide off!

sew a veil with sewmccool 2


If you’d like to add hand-sewn crystals to your veil, you can follow this excellent tutorial by The Flirty Guide. It’s really great!

Now….happy crafting….and enjoy saving hundreds of dollars on veils!
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  1. […] Deanna from Sew McCool had sticker shock when she saw how much the veils for her daughter’s First Communion cost.  $175 – $300!!  Luckily, she’s handy with a thread and needle and so she was able to make one herself for a fraction of that.  She shares a tutorial showing how she did it.  The simple gathered tulle veil could also work as a bridal veil.    She attached hers to a barrette so it would stay put in her daughter’s hair, but you could also attach it to a comb if you like.   Go to Sew McCool for the tutorial. […]

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