Easy ribbon-wrapped headband tutorial

How to make an easy ribbon-wrapped headband by sewmccool.com. The base for many designs!

You might have noticed that I enjoy making headbands….

…because my daughter likes wearing them!

So these types of projects are no-brainers for me. :)

But making a ribbon-wrapped headband is a good skill to have, because it’s the base for many other designs! It’s like….the bread before the butter….the vanilla ice cream before chocolate syrup…your favorite white shirt before adding jewelry.

In other words – she can wear the ribbon-wrapped headband alone, or you can embellish it with other goodies.

Making a ribbon-wrapped headband is easy to do – as long as you use the right ribbon. Too-wide ribbon will get the job done quickly, but not neatly! So stick with the suggestions here and you’ll be all good.

What you’ll need

* A plastic headband form, in any size (you can buy it from my sponsor, The Ribbon Retreat).

* A 5yd (4.5m) spool of 3/8in (10mm) grosgrain or satin ribbon (yep, available from The Ribbon Retreat!). You won’t use it all, but it’s good to work from a spool.

* Scissors

* Heat-sealing tool, lighter or seam sealant

* Hot glue gun and glue

How to make a ribbon-wrapped headband

First, cut two, 1 1/2in (4cm) sections of ribbon and glue them to the very ends of your plastic headband form, as shown below:

wrapping headband 1

Next, pull some ribbon from the spool and seal the end either by heat or with your seam sealant. Glue one end at a slight angle to the underside of the headband form, at one tip, shown in photo 1 below.


Start wrapping!

Overlap each wrap just a little bit. The ribbon might wrinkle a little, but keep any slight wrinkles on the back and you’ll be fine.

If you have to stop your work because you’re interrupted by your children, your husband, or a random hunky delivery man, just use a clip of some sort to keep your work in place until you return (photo 3 below).

wrapping headband collage 1

Continue wrapping, all the way to the end. Finish by trimming the ribbon and sealing it, then gluing it to the inside of the headband.

wrapping headband 5


You can leave it plain, or add a little something-something. You know I’ve been on a yo yo kick, so that’s what I added. I topped my yo yo off with a sewn-on gold button, and then I dabbed a little hot glue under there just to make sure it would stay on. Obviously if you add any small parts or pieces, the headband shouldn’t be worn by a child under 3.

(but I know you knew that…I’m just throwing it out there as a reminder….)

wrapping headband 6

Now glue any embellishment onto your ribbon-wrapped headband!

wrapping headband 7

Isn’t it lovely? Hope you enjoyed making it!

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  1. Anna says

    Thank you! I made these with 7/8 ribbon and they always looked wrinkled. I think it will work much better with the thinner ribbon. Great tip!

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