Ribbon flower tutorial: Spring flower

Cute ribbon flower tutorial! Spring flower by sewmccool

This winter has been a doozy.

…and I complained over and over again about the snow and cold.

So I gave up complaining about the weather for Lent.

But I can’t see our first spring flowers because they’re still hidden under snow! So I made some ribbon flowers myself, and will teach you how with this easy ribbon flower tutorial.

Yay, spring!

Why wait for those April showers when you can make your own spring flower?

What you’ll need:

* 8in (20cm) of 7/8in (22 mm) white grosgrain ribbon

* 8in (20cm) of 3/8in (10mm) green grosgrain ribbon for stem

* 2-3in (5-8cm) of 3/8in (10mm) green grosgrain ribbon for the clip

* 4in (10cm) of 1/4in (6mm) green grosgrain ribbon for the leaf

* 4-6in (10-15cm) of 1/4in (6mm) yellow grosgrain ribbon for the stamen

* A clip, pinback or barrette

* Regular sewing thread and Perle Cotton thread (size 5), along with a regular sewing needle and a chenille needle

* Scissors

* Hot glue gun and glue

* Heat sealing tool or Fray Check

All ribbon and clips can be purchased through my sponsor, The Ribbon Retreat!


spring flower 1

Ribbon Flower Tutorial

To start, thread your needles – the regular needle with regular thread, and the larger needle with the perle cotton. And heat up your hot glue gun!

Next, fold the white ribbon in half to find the center.

Now, take a small pleat in the ribbon just to the left of center, shown below:

spring flower 2

Angle the pleat slightly so it points a bit toward the center fold. Take small running stitches to hold the pleat closed, starting at the bottom and ending about 1/4in (mm) from the top. Repeat with a pleat just right of center (photos 1 and 2 below).

Now, seal one end of the yellow ribbon and twist it, gluing the twists in place. Trim the bottom so it’s about the same size as the 7/8in ribbon, and glue this “stamen” between the pleats you just sewed (photo 3 below).

Now we’ll pleat both sides again, but you can use hot glue this time! The first pleat is shown in Photo 4 below.

spring flower sewmccool collage 1

After you’ve pleated both sides around the stamen, bring your larger needle and perle cotton up from the back, in the middle of the bottom part of the flower, and pull it through (photo 2 below).

Now, fold both sides inward again (photo 3 below), and wrap the thread around the base a couple of times, tying off and clipping the thread in the back (photo 4).

spring flower sewmccool collage 2

You’ve finished the “flower” part of this ribbon flower tutorial!

Now, we’ll make part of the stem!

Trim the bottom of the white ribbon, leaving about 1in (25mm) to support part of the stem. Starting on the back, wrap the 8in piece of green ribbon around the ribbon you’ve just trimmed, gluing as you go down. Trim the green ribbon and glue in the back (photos 1 and 2 below).

A flower can’t be a flower without leaves, right?

To create the leaves, take the remaining piece of green ribbon and fold to find the center. Loop the left side toward the center, twisting the ribbon once (photo 3 below). Repeat with the right side.

spring flower sewmccool collage 3

As a final touch, glue a pretty button, bead or crystal in the middle of the leaves! My affiliate Fire Mountain Gems and Beads is a great resource.

Now, glue the leaves onto the stem you created, and then glue the whole flower onto your clip or pinback!

single spring flower by sewmccool

I can’t guarantee that this will prevent you from complaining about winter-like weather…

…but I love having these cute spring-like ribbon flowers to wear and give to my daughters!

I hope you had fun making this spring flower using my ribbon flower tutorial! To make sure you don’t miss future posts, please follow SewMcCool by e-mail (the link is at the top of the right-hand column) or join me on BlogLovin’ – the button is just below the e-mail feed box! :)



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  1. Deanna McCool says

    Thanks, Lauren! :) The flower reminds me of spring, but you’re right – perfect for any season (except maybe the snowy winter, but then maybe it can cheer us up, lol!)


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