Ribbon flower headband tutorial

Beautiful ribbon flower headband tutorial for #spring #easter by sewmccool.com. So easy to make!


This ribbon flower headband tutorial is sponsored by The Ribbon Retreat. (Of course….I developed the project and all text, photos, and opinions are my own.)

Welcome, spring.

You arrived during my lunch break yesterday.


(I was even enjoying a rare lunch out with a good friend….it felt like a celebration of spring’s arrival!)

Did you celebrate? If you haven’t yet (and of course, even if you have), I’ve written a ribbon flower headband tutorial for you to enjoy.

Treat us well, spring!

(we deserve it!)

What you’ll need:

* A thin headband – plastic or wire. Wire headbands can be purchased through my sponsor, The Ribbon Retreat. I didn’t have any handy this time, so used a plastic one that I stole from my daughter’s headband collection while she was at school…she didn’t mind (whew).

* 2 1/2 yards (2 1/4meters) of 1/4in (6mm) wide grosgrain ribbon – can be purchased through my sponsor, The Ribbon Retreat.

* A wood burning tool or other method to seal your ribbon ends

* Needle and thread

* Hot glue gun and glue

* Small buttons or crystals

Ribbon flower headband tutorial

Cut your ribbon into 24 or 27 segments, each 3in (76 mm) long. Seal the ends. Group into eight or nine sets of three pieces of ribbon each (second photo, below).

ribbon flower headband by sewmccool collage 1


Fold three ribbons in half to find their centers, and mount them onto a threaded needle (with a knot on one end.) Don’t pull the thread all the way through yet!

Next, isolate the top of the three ribbons. Take one end and give it a half twist, then place it on the needle, close to the top edge of the ribbon (photo 3, below). Repeat with the other side of that same piece of ribbon (photo 4). Again, don’t pull the needle through yet!

(as you can see, the half twist forms the ribbon into a cupped petal facing downward – or upward. Make sure you twist all the ribbons in the same direction!)

ribbon flower headband by sewmccool collage 2


Repeat the above steps with the second ribbon, and then the final ribbon, remembering not to pull your needle through all the way yet.

Once you’ve finished mounting all the ribbon ends onto the needle (photo 2, below)….


…pull the needled through and tie the thread off in the back. The front of your flower should look like photo 3, below.

ribbon flower headband by sewmccool collage 4


Repeat with all remaining sets of ribbon.

When you’re finished, glue your buttons or beads to the center of each flower.


two ribbon flowers for headband


And then glue each flower to your headband!


Pretty ribbon flower headband tutorial from sewmccool.com

Now – go forth. Celebrate spring! Kick any remaining piles of snow that you see..

…and say, “take that, winter!”

I hope you enjoyed the ribbon flower headband tutorial!. If you liked this tutorial, you might also like these pretty spring flower clips. I also used ribbon and clips from my sponsor, The Ribbon Retreat, for that project!

So that you don’t miss another great tutorial, please follow SewMcCool by e-mail (the link is at the top of the right-hand column) or join me on BlogLovin’ – the button is just below the e-mail feed box! :)



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  1. Christine Ousley says

    Love it Deanna! What a cute and simple project that has such a WoW factor!! I can’t wait to try it!
    Have a great day!


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