Ribbon dragonfly sculpture tutorial

Ribbon dragonfly sculpture tutorial by sewmccool.com

This ribbon dragonfly sculpture tutorial is sponsored by The Ribbon Retreat…but the project/tutorial, as well as any opinions, are all mine. Please check out my disclosure policy at the bottom of my advertising page to learn more.

Lazy days on the lake….

...are meant for watching dragonflies.

I love watching them zoom across the water, stopping to hover and then “pouncing” to feast one of my least favorite summer insects….

...the dreaded mosquito.

I wanted to honor the dragonfly with this ribbon dragonfly sculpture tutorial.

It’s shown here, mounted to a barrette. But you can also add it to a pinch clip or a pinback as well.

What you’ll need

* Two colors of 1/4in wide grosgrain ribbon, available through my sponsor, The Ribbon Retreat.
* One color of 3/8 in wide grosgrain ribbon
* Wood burning tool, pencil and ruled surface (preferably overlayed with a piece of glass for easy ribbon cutting/sealing)
* Needle and thread
* Hot glue gun and glue inserts
* Barrette, clip or headband to mount the cross to, also available through my sponsor, The Ribbon Retreat.

Ribbon Dragonfly Sculpture tutorial

First, you’ll need to use your wood burning tool, glass surface, and ruler to cut the following:

For the top wings:
2 pieces of 1/4in ribbon in Color A at 3 in long
2 pieces of 1/4in ribbon in Color B at 2 1/2in long
2 pieces of 1/4in ribbon  in Color A at 2 in long

For the bottom wings:
2 pieces of 1/4in ribbon in Color B at 3 1/4in long
2 pieces of 1/4in ribbon Color A at at 2 3/4in long
2 pieces of 1/4in ribbon Color B at 2 1/4in long

For the body parts:
3 pieces of 1/4in ribbon in darker color cut at 1 1/4in long
2 pieces of 1/4in ribbon in darker color cut lengthwise, to make very skinny strips, for antennae. Cut these at 3/4in long but we’ll trim them later (not shown in the photo below)

For lining the barrette or clip
1 piece of 3/8in ribbon, in darker color, cut to the size of the barrette or clip and glued on top of it

ribbon dragonfly sculpture tutorial by sewmccool 1


Stack one each of the top wing ribbons onto each other, largest to smallest, aligning them at the top edge. Pierce your threaded and knotted needle (read some tips about that in this post) about 1/4 from the top of the stack, but don’t pull the needle all the way through yet.

Next, bring each layer up and onto the needle individually, and then pull through and knot/clip when you’re done.


ribbon dragonfly sculpture tutorial by sewmccool 2


Repeat the process for the second top wing, and for both bottom wings. Then, glue them together as in Photo 2 below, to form two sets of “whole” wings….

…for lack of a better word, right?

Next, glue the wings together at the ends, and wrap with one of the 1 1/4in body pieces, gluing it in place (photo 4 below).

Ribbon dragonfly sculpture tutorial by sewmccool 3


Now glue your antennae pieces onto the top of the barrette, and trim them so they’re not too long and scary.

Roll the second 1 1/4in body piece into a circle, gluing it together and to the top of the antennae on the barrettes (second photo, below).

ribbon dragonfly sculpture tutorial by sewmccool 4


And now you’re almost finished!

Glue the wings just underneath the “head”, and roll and glue the final body piece below the wings, as shown below:

Ribbon dragonfly sculpture by sewmccool.com 6


So cute!

Make a second or third so your dragonfly can have friends….

(too bad these can gobble mosquitoes too!)

ribbon dragonfly sculpture by sewmccool completed


I hope you enjoyed this ribbon dragonfly sculpture tutorial! And thanks again to The Ribbon Retreat for sponsoring this post…please head over to the Ribbon Retreat online shop to check out their great selection of ribbons!

And if you liked this tutorial, you’ll also like this woven ribbon heart project! Another simple and stunning way to use your ribbons!

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  1. Martha Lofton says

    I love this idea. I do crafts for myself and do not sell any of my crafts. I give them as gifts of love . I do this for all my crafts I make. some go for Christmas gifts. and some just because I bring happiness to my friends and family. they enjoy my handy work.
    thanks ,
    Martha Lofton

  2. Elle says

    Deanna, I am very happy that you have not gone “video”. People learn in many ways and video is not for me. I have emailed many sites receiving no reply except one. i hate to use this word but it is almost a discrimination. I cannot keep up nor do i have the time to do the back & forth thing on video, so that means I cannot learn to make so many of the different type of bows i would like to make. SO, DEANNA, KUDOS TO YOU, from the bottom of my heart.


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