Pretty sewn fabric cuff tutorial

Sewn fabric cuff tutorial (on a metal bracelet cuff form)! Such a pretty accessory. With

There’s been a lot of talk online lately about the importance of “self-care sewing….”

…and I agree that I don’t sew for myself frequently enough!

But sometimes I don’t have time to sew an entire garment.


...the sewn fabric cuff.

This pretty, sewn fabric cuff tutorial will give you the freedom to accessorize many different outfits, simply with fabric scraps and leftovers you have on hand! You can also use beautiful ribbons and other embellishments to add pizzazz.

What you’ll need

* Aluminum cuff bracelet blanks. These can be found on Etsy in the supply category; some will have to be bent, but others come that way!

* Scraps of fabric (I used a pretty collection from Riley Blake Designs).

* Sewing machine and regular sewing supplies, including a flexible measuring tape

* Optional: Small length of ribbon (the jacquard shown here is from Renaissance Ribbons, but you can also purchase other ribbons from my sponsor, The Ribbon Retreat!)

* Optional – if gluing on yo-yos or other embellishments – hot glue gun and hot glue sticks

Sewn fabric cuff tutorial

To start, measure the width of your cuff, and record this measurement. Then, measure around the bracelet from one open edge to the other open edge. Record this as well.

fabric cuff by sewmccool collage 1

…time to do some math (but just a little!)

To determine the width of your fabric, multiply the cuff width by 2. Here, my cuff is 1 1/2in wide (38mm). Multiplied by 2, this measurement is now 3in (76mm). Add 1/2in (13mm)…to accommodate the seam allowance we’ll use. This takes the measurement to 3 1/2in. Now, add 1/8in (10mm), for ease. The total width for my fabric is 6 5/8in (about 17cm).

To determine the length, add about 1in (25mm) to the length of the bracelet from one open edge to the other open edge.

Now, cut your fabric into these dimensions (photo 1 below).

Fold the fabric lengthwise with right sides together, and press. Stitch along the long open edge and one short edge with a 1/4in (6mm) seal allowance.

Trim the sewn corners at an angle, to reduce bulk.

Turn the tube right side out and press (photo 4 below).

fabric cuff by sewmccool collage 2

Slip the tube onto your bracelet cuff blank. To stitch up the open end, fold the edges inside slightly, then tuck both the front and back pieces of fabric inside themselves and stitch closed by hand (photos 2 and 3 below).

fabric cuff by sewmccool collage 3

If you want to make a cuff with sewn embellishments, like ribbon, on the front, you’ll need to prepare them first! For jacquard ribbon, stitch with a zigzag stitch to prevent fraying. Then, fold the cuff fabric in half width-wise to determine the center, and stitch the ribbon onto on side. This will be the front of the cuff (second photo below):

fabric cuff by sewmccool collage 4

Now, embellish your cuffs!

I’ve used hand-sewn fabric yo yos (here’s how I make the yo yos!), which I glued onto the front of the cuff with my hot glue gun. I love how pretty and feminine – and easy – they are to make!

Love this yoyo bracelet cuff! Made on a metal form. On

Aren’t these pretty? And so perfect for any season!

Two sewn fabric cuffs with a sewn fabric cuff by One has yo-yos and the other uses pretty ribbon!

I hope you enjoyed this sewn fabric cuff tutorial! If you enjoyed this tutorial, I also think you’ll like this needle book/needle case tutorial!

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