Making money blogging: SewMcCool July 2014 blog earnings


…a month with a vacation, several posts from contributing bloggers, and days here and there where I didn’t have time to micro-manage my site at all.

The site didn’t break.

Everything kept going.

And my traffic was even up from June.


SewMcCool July 2014 Blog Earnings


SewMcCool had almost 58,500 page views in July, up from 49,500 in June…and up a little from May’s 57,000 + views.

It’s my impression now that I’ll be hanging around the 50,000 mark for the foreseeable future, because I can’t brainstorm many more ways to bring even more traffic to the site….

Except to continue posting, promoting, and giving it time.

And time takes, well, time.

Of course, if I come up with any ideas for quicker growth, I’ll share them here.

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Interestingly, the most popular post was from June, my crossbody purse tutorial based on a purse from the book “The Book of Bags: 30 Stylish Projects for Beautifully Sewn Bags” (from my Amazon affiliate).

And the post about sewing half-square triangles for quilts was picked up by and featured one day while I was on vacation, bringing in a huge surge of traffic that day. It was out of left field for me, but made me realize that sometimes blogs have slow traffic days, and other times, you’ll get a little lucky.

Assuming you’ve worked hard and laid the groundwork, that is.


Screenshot 2014-08-12 at 9.21.12 AM


That huge surge of traffic led to to be my biggest traffic referrer in July.


Screenshot 2014-08-12 at 9.23.14 AM


In July I have to thank my great blog contributors, who wrote fantastic how-to tutorials and really kept the blog going! In the spirit of appreciation, I paid the SewMcCool contributors who wrote from Feb-June a small stipend (not nearly enough) to show my appreciation. I don’t believe anyone should write without compensation, so it’s been difficult for me not to pay everyone at least a little. Though I do my best to promote their work, nothing really beats cold, hard cash.

Although I still need to work on adding some new ad networks,  I have to “give in” to my lack of time in July and August and work on that after my girls return to school in a week or so.

I did add a new affiliate,, to my sidebar. Right now they don’t offer a very large banner (it looks teeny-tiny in my right sidebar), but if you love Jo-Ann like I do, I’ll earn a small commission from them if you shop through my link. Kind of excited about this one!

I also decided to pay for my first sponsorship – the gals at Violett Field Threads are super talented and are having a fabulous “Win Your Dream Sewing Room” giveaway valued at $3,500. You can check out the details of the giveaway here – it starts Aug. 14! I used to pay for advertising when I primarily sold PDFs, but haven’t done so in quite awhile. I don’t expect this to be a new monthly expense, but thought it was time to introduce my blog to some sewists who might not have seen it yet. I’ll share my results next month.

Although my first book, 50 Ribbon Rosettes and Bows to Make was supposed to be available Aug. 5 from my Amazon affiliate, a customs delay caused the release date to be moved back until Sept. 2. But if you want to win a copy, please make a comment on this giveaway post!

Meanwhile, I’m drafting a book proposal for Mystery Book Idea 2…no guarantees, though! Not at all. Just because I had one book published doesn’t mean landing a contract for Book 2 will be any easier.

SewMcCool July 2014 blog earnings

Google AdSense: $98.16
Sponsorships: $95
BlogHer: $71.80
Amazon: $42.62
Share-A-Sale: $10.00 (*estimate; site was down for maintenance 8/12)

Total: $317.58

Sewing machine repair: $95 (my Bernina 1260 stopped working! No fun, but it’s back now)
Payments to contributing bloggers: $75
Fabric and supplies: $14.92
Viraltag: $28
Mad Mimi (newsletter; affiliate link): $16.00
Sponsorship for the Violette Field Threads + Bernina giveaway: $100

Total: $328.92

Income for July 2014: -11.34

Plans for August and September

I need to settle in and start working on a new pattern…and an e-book that I’d like to release in January 2015. I think the way to make this happen is to set aside a little time every week specifically for these ventures, which I hope will bring in more income. As usual I made most of my monthly income from my Etsy shop (several hundred dollars, but it’s not linked to the blog). As I start writing new patterns and e-books, these will eventually be accessible through my blog here.

So, how has your summer traffic and income gone for you? Any thoughts about what has worked/not worked for you?

Until next month!

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