How to make braided barrettes

Make braided barrettes by

When I was an elementary and middle school girl…

(in the ’80s, gasp!)

My mom spent time sewing clothes for me.

I specifically remember my favorite outfit: A corduroy suit with knickers. Hehe…I know….knickers. And corduroy. But they were “in!” And the blue corduroy was soft and pretty. She made a tailored vest, jacket, and those famous 1980s knickers.

But to go with those clothes….

She also made barrettes for me.

Specifically, she learned how to make braided barrettes so that my hair accessories would match my clothes.

I’m happy to open up my tutorial vault again…so you can make braided barrettes yourself.

(Without the knickers. Or the corduroy).

Here’s my free PDF download, with several step-by-step photographs on how to make braided barrettes.

Pretty, aren’t they?
Make braided barrettes in three colors by

With the tutorial you can learn how to make 2- 3- or 4-color braided barrettes.

Of course, you can make single-colored barrettes too.

No problem!

Feel free to add pretty beads on the bottom, or make the strands as long as you’d like – for long hair or short hair.

You can find the slide barrettes needed for this project in the hair accessories section of most big-box retail chains, or you can purchase them from my sponsor, The Ribbon Retreat.

Make braided barrettes in four colors by

You’re little one will be so retro-chic. Of course she won’t know she’s being retro…she’ll just think she’s cool. And soon you’ll need to make braided barrettes for all of her friends, too!
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  1. Robin says

    Just came across these on Craft Gossip. I had forgotten I made these to match all my daughters outfits back in the day. Thanks, for helping me to relive great memories!

  2. patti k says

    My friend and I made SO many of these barrettes years ago for our daughters. I still love them. Thanks for the instructions. I may try to make some for my granddaughter.

  3. Jackie says

    I made braided barretts for my oldest daughter years ago (30 years) and now am teaching my 10 year old grand-daughters how to make them One problem is trying to find the barretts that you can braid! I find a lot of barretts in the crafts stores but they are all solid for beading. Where can I find the ones with the open center?

    • Deanna McCool says

      Thanks Jackie! You can get them at (there’s a link in my sidebar here)….go to the “hardware” section and they should have some. You can also find them at many big-box retail stores in their hair accessories section. :) Hope that helps!


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