How to make a gift bow from ribbon

Everyone loves to see a nicely wrapped gift with a beautiful bow! But package bows can be expensive, and they’re rarely exactly what you want for the gift. Learn to make a gift bow from ribbon and you’ll never need to buy another again!

Of course, there are many types of gift bows.

They can be made in one swoop with a single long piece of ribbon – wrapped around pins or small dowels to keep the loops in place while you wrap – or in separate pieces.

How to make a gift bow - package bow DIY - Loopy gift bow by! Great for Christmas or birthday gifts!

Here we’ll make the bow out of separate pieces. This is a loopy gift bow made with 9 “figure 8” -type bows and one single loop in the center.

What you’ll need

* 3yd of 7/8-1in (22-25mm) satin ribbon
* Hot glue gun and glue, or needle and thread
* Scissors
* Ruler

How to make a gift bow from ribbon

First, cut your ribbon into nine (9), 11in pieces, and one (1) 5in piece.

Take one of the 9in ribbons and find the center. Loop the left side over the top and toward the center, as shown in photo 2 (below). Then loop the right side toward the bottom and meet the end at the center, as shown in photo 3. Use your hot glue to secure the loops or stitch with needle and thread, if desired.

(I used hot glue here to save time!)

Repeat those steps with the remaining eight pieces of the same length.

Make a gift bow by collage 1


Now, glue (or sew) all of the loops on top of each other, in the round. You’ll have to layer some below and others on top – play with your arrangement before gluing or sewing so you know how to place them neatly.

Finally, glue or stitch your final, 5in piece of ribbon into a circle and secure it in the center of the bow.

How to make a gift bow by sewmccool collage 2


It’s simply that easy to make a gift bow from ribbon!

How to make a gift bow by

You can try this technique with different widths of ribbon. If you use narrower ribbon, you’ll decrease the length of each strip. And, of course, if you use wider ribbon, you’ll need to make each strip longer than 9 inches.

…Go on

….impress your friends with spectacular, beautiful packages!

Now….imagine having a bow that included the name of the recipient of the package! Or a birthday message? If so, you’ll enjoy this tutorial on printing your own design on ribbon!
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    I used to make hundreds of gift bows as a teenager, my mum had a flower shop and I would spend my Saturday afternoons making them to go on the bouquets.
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