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Sew a vintage fabric rose quickly and easily! On

I love roses….but am sad when they fade and the petals fall. But when you learn to make a fabric rose, like this vintage rose, you can decorate a variety of projects with a rose that will never fade!

To make these, you’ll need:

* A strip of fabric cut to 3 1/2in (9cm) wide by 18in (46cm) long
* A circle of felt, about 2 1/2in (6cm) in diameter
* Hand-sewing needle and matching thread
* Sewing machine
* Iron
* Optional – Hot glue gun and glue

To begin, fold your fabric in half width-wise with right sides together, which will make the fabric piece narrower but the same length (first two photos below). Using your sewing machine, stitch with a 1/4in (6mm) seam allowance along the long, open edge. Be sure to backstitch at the beginning and end. Turn the tube right-side out. Press, with the seam along one side.

fabric rose collage 1

Create a knot on one side of the fabric tube, about 2in (10cm) from one edge. Stitch the knot to the center of the felt circle, below. Don’t stitch the tail – just the knot.

fabric rose collage 2

Flatten the long side of the fabric end slightly, and take a couple of stitches into the fabric, close to the knot. I like to sew two stitches, with one crossing the other, in all of the “stitching” steps, and also sew a knot on the back to make sure they’re secure.

Next, wrap the long side of the fabric around the knot, about half-way around. The fabric will fold over the knot. Take a couple of stitches in two places along the bump created by the knot – one about half-way down the wrap, and the other closer to where you stopped wrapping.

fabric rose 3

After you’ve stitched, wrap your fabric again, as before. As you make a fabric rose, you’ll see the rose form while you’re wrapping! Stitch in two places again, shown below.

fabric rose collage 4

Continue wrapping and stitching, finishing when you have a tail about the same length as the first tail. Stitch in place. Now, trim the felt so it’s the same size as the rose, making sure not to clip any of your stitches!

fabric rose collage 5

Fold the tails to the back of the rose and stitch or glue to the back side. Now you can use this as an embellishment for a hair bow or headband, a dress, or jewelry! Make several of these before next week…when I’ll show you a fantastic way to dress up a beautiful Valentine’s Day wreath.

Fabric rose cg 2.4.14

Now that you know how to make a fabric rose, they’ll become addictive, and they’re a great way to use up scrap fabric! If you enjoy making fabric flowers, you might also want to try this gathered fabric flower. I also have several more flower tutorials in my Birdsong Patterns shop!

make a fabric rose for Valentines Day

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