Learn how to use Twitter, Part 3

Part 3 Learn how to use Twitter

Have you been trying to learn how to use Twitter? If you’ve followed along the past few weeks, you’ve been working through the “assignments” I gave in A Beginner’s Guide to How to Use Twitter, Part 1, and Using Twitter for beginners, Part 2.

So….how many followers have you gained?

I’m up to 148 as of this writing…a little more than double from where I was two weeks ago.

But I really do “work it” daily. Posting, adding people, reaching out.

And it seems that having 100+ followers is a bit of a tipping point…not a huge one, but at least a little tipping point (The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, through my Amazon affiliate, is a great book to read about how little moves, over time, can make a difference once they reach a certain threshold…and spread like wildfire.)

...okay, so maybe my following isn’t spreading like wildfire.

But you get the picture. Once I overcame the 100-follower hump, people started adding me without me having to reach out first. And it felt kinda good.

So what have I done?

First – I’ve followed my novice advice in Parts 1 and 2 of this series, and have tweeted several times a day. To learn how to use Twitter, you have to continue engaging there.

I’ve also decided to sign up for Hootsuite, an affiliate, to spread my posts out throughout the day. That doesn’t mean that I don’t keep up with what’s currently happening in my interest area throughout the day, though.

I also participated in a Twitter chat with other bloggers. Once you start following various people in your field, you’ll learn about Twitter chats. Join in. You’ll gain a lot of knowledge, meet like-minded tweeters, and gain more followers yourself. I think I gained and follow about 10 more people after the chat.

If you really want to delve deep, deep into the land of Twitter usage, this is an excellent post from Social Media Examiner. There are even *more* resources featured in that post, so you can target exactly who’d you like to make connections with.

I have had some mental stumbling blocks with this whole-please-follow-me-on-Twitter campaign, though.

I’ve tried to engage a couple of people whom I’ve actually met with in person and who are in my pattern-making circles. For some reason they just won’t follow me, and I’ll admit…I was feeling a little bummed.

…what’s wrong with me? Why, oh why, can’t you give me some love?

But in at least one case I found out (in a round-about way from another source…I didn’t ask) that one of the people has sub-contracted all her social media work to another person, whom I haven’t met. The social media coordinator doesn’t realize that I’m not just a “groupie.”

(I guess it’s a lesson to me that if I ever hire a social media coordinator, I’ll still need to check accounts myself sometimes).

And sometimes, *sob,* people unfollow me! How dare they?

LOL – Really, it’s not a big deal. There’s even a website, justunfollow.com, that will show you who they are, and it can automatically add a note to your Twitter feed announcing how many people followed/unfollowed you during the week. I don’t allow the note to be added to my feed (it seems mildly vindictive to me??) but I do check the site. If it’s someone who’s not quite in my niche, I will unfollow them as well.

And in a few other cases, I follow some “Twitterers” and have engaged them repeatedly, but no follow-back, even though they’ve responded and have “liked” some of my tweets.

…I guess I’m just not in the in-crowd yet.

But it will happen.

How many people are following you now? Have you had any successes or stumbling blocks as you learn how to use Twitter?  Do you know of any cool “hack sites” to share that help you with your “tweeting? Please share in the comments below.

I hope you’re doing great – and keep Tweeting. Take a step at a time. And please join me on Twitter, won’t you? I’ll follow you back. :)


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