How to make ribbon ice cream cone clips

The entire time I worked on this tutorial for how to make ribbon ice cream cone clips, I hummed the 1972 Chicago song “Saturday in the Park” because of the line, “People talkin’, people laughin’, a man selling ice cream….”

(Darn earworm. If you don’t know the song, Google it and you can share my joy/misery while you work along on this tutorial.)

It goes without saying that I love summer. And Independence Day (Fourth of July). And wearing shorts and tank tops and seeing fireflies and hearing crickets and hanging out at the swimming pool.

And eating ice cream cones.

And complaining that maybe I shouldn’t have eaten that ice cream cone.

How to make ribbon ice cream cone clips by So cute!

These, however, are calorie free.

What you’ll need

* 4in of 3/8in grosgrain ribbon in brown, white and pink for the ice cream cone scoops (You can get the ribbon from The Ribbon Retreat)

* 1 1/2in of 7/8in grosgrain ribbon in tan (for the cone)

* A lined pinch clip

* Hot glue gun, wood-burning tool

How to make ribbon ice cream cone clips

First, use your wood-burning tool (on top of glass, which I’m not showing here for photographic reasons) and create a triangular shape in your 7/8in ribbon, as shown below.

Then roll it into a cone shape and carefully glue the seam closed with your hot glue gun.

Make a ribbon ice cream cone clip 1 by


Now tie your three pieces of 4in ribbon into double knots, as shown in the first two photos below. Use your wood-burning tool to cut and seal the ends, leaving a little bit to glue around the back so that your scoops will have a nice shape.

Make ribbon ice cream cone clips 2 by


When all three “scoops” are finished, glue the first one into the cone, and the remaining scoops on top.

Make ribbon ice cream cone clips 3 by


Finally, add them to your lined pinch clip at a bit of an angle.

two ribbon ice cream cone clips by

And just like that – you learned how to make ribbon ice cream cone clips.

Calorie-free, all the way.

And if you liked this tutorial, be sure to see this tutorial on how to make a ribbon dragonfly clip!

(please only allow older girls to wear these. Not babies, not toddlers, but older girls, ages 4-5 and up. Thanks for being responsible! I know you will.)

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