Felt tuxedo wine glass charms

Tuxedo wine glass charms 3

Dressing up your table for Valentine’s Day? Or maybe a wedding or another special event? “Mark” your drinks with these easy-to-make tuxedo wine glass charms. Dapper bow ties in different colors  will keep your guests from wondering which drink is theirs!

Tuxedo wine glass charms

(Note: This tutorial does contain an affiliate link.)

* Paper plate or thin cardboard
* White and black felt
* Bits of 3/8in (10mm) ribbon in different colors
* Small crystals or beads
* Marking tools
* Scissors
* Fabric glue
* Hot glue and glue gun
* Ruler
* Needle and thread

First, trace the bottom of your wine glass onto the cardboard and cut out the circle. Then, trace the circle onto your white felt in the quantity needed for the number of guests you’re hosting (first two photos below).

Next, fold each felt circle in half, then in half again, and cut the corner about 1/4in (6mm) from the point. Open your circle and cut a slit from one edge to the middle. Set your (naked!) felt circles aside.

Tuxedo wine glass charms first steps

Time to play dress up! Fold the cardboard circle in half, and in half again, just as you did with the felt. Open it up. Make small marks at the creases, as guides.

Draw a diagonal line along the edge, ending about 1/4in (6mm) from one of the center points (top left photo below).  You can make this wedge as thin or thick as you’d like; this will determine the width of the tuxedo jacket.

Cut the wedge off the cardboard and trace it twice onto your black felt. Use fabric glue to secure both pieces (one reversed) onto the white felt circle, as shown in the lower right photo below.

Tuxedo wine glass charms second steps

And now my favorite part – the ribbon bow tie! Cut each different color of ribbon into 3in (8cm) pieces, and thread your needle, knotting at the end.

Fold a ribbon segment in half to find the center, and then fold both edges inward, making sure to overlap slightly. Slide the needle and thread through the center and wrap the thread around a few times, tying off and clipping when you’re done (top two photos below).

Next, create the center knot by cutting another 2in (5cm) piece of ribbon in half lengthwise. Using hot glue, secure this to the center of the bow tie by wrapping it around and clipping the ends on the back. Be careful. This is a small piece, so take care not to burn yourself (or you won’t be able to pick up your own drink later)! Glue the bow tie between the jacket pieces near the center hole.

Tuxedo wine glass charms third steps

Your tuxedo wine glass charms are almost dressed! Create the illusion of buttons by adding crystals and beads below the bow tie, either sewing or gluing them in place. Wrap your felt circle around the bottom of the glass. If you’re having a mostly sit-down party, wrapping will be enough because felt sticks to itself. If you expect that your guests will be dancing (or that Uncle Rufous will get wild!), secure the back with a stitch or adhesive.

Tuxedo wine glass charm with blue bow tie

Enjoy dressing up all of your wine glasses with different colors of bow ties and buttons!

Tuxedo wine glass charms from Sewmccool.com

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