How to make a baby bow headband

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It's no secret I love working with ribbon!And with my first book, 50 Ribbon Rosettes & Bows to Make: For Perfectly Wrapped Gifts, Gorgeous Hair Clips, Beautiful Corsages, and Decorative Fun! now on shelves (that's an Amazon affiliate link, meaning I'll get a little commission if you buy the contract was a lump-sum payment with no royalties so I'm not exactly double-dipping here), I thought it would be fun to share a few projects and techniques that didn't make it into the ... [ Read More ]

Sew baby bow headbands – sneak peek!

How to make a baby bow headband by

Baby girls.We all love them - they're so fun to dress up in pretty clothes and accessories.I especially like to sew baby bow headbands.With just a bit of ribbon (I buy most of my ribbon from my sponsor, The Ribbon Retreat) and some stretch lace, you can create a beautiful headband in no time. These are so perfect for gifts!To see the tutorial, head on over to Mabey She Made It, where I'm a guest poster today. And please be sure to spend some time looking around Lisa's site - ... [ Read More ]

How to make a hair bow holder on a canvas

Hair Clip Holder

Welcome back for another instalment of the ‘Little Girl’s Bedroom Make Over’ Series. It’s so lovely to have you here again. It’s Lauren here from Molly and Mama, and I'm going to teach you how to make a hair bow holder on a canvas.In case you’ve missed it, I’m in the process of revamping my daughter’s bedroom. I’m sharing my ideas on Sew McCool for some sweet projects, including upcoming tutorials for cushion covers, a quilted pillow sham and a bed runner.And we’ve already covered making ... [ Read More ]

Sew a ruched flower from fabric or ribbon

Sew a ruched flower from fabric or ribbon all love flowers, don't we?But then they fade, and they're gone, and we move on.It doesn't have to be that way.......when you learn to sew a ruched flower from fabric or ribbon.This is a great project for your fabric or ribbon scraps, and perfect on headbands, hair clips, or as an accessory on dresses and purses.To learn how to sew a ruched flower, simply download this free PDF tutorial, The Annabelle Flower.I've made these for my daughter for ... [ Read More ]

How to make ribbon firecracker barrettes

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I think the summer holidays are my favorite. Living in Northern Indiana, I’ve always loved the fun and freedom of summer. I remember hot Fourth of July nights as a kid, watching the fireworks, having picnics....and yes, hearing the kids across the street light firecrackers.Boom. Boom.A little scary!But not all firecrackers are loud, or scary for kids! Learn how to make ribbon firecracker barrettes! They're perfect for Independence Day, and your little girls will get lots of ... [ Read More ]

How to make ribbon ice cream cone clips

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The entire time I worked on this tutorial for how to make ribbon ice cream cone clips, I hummed the 1972 Chicago song "Saturday in the Park" because of the line, "People talkin', people laughin', a man selling ice cream...."(Darn earworm. If you don't know the song, Google it and you can share my joy/misery while you work along on this tutorial.)It goes without saying that I love summer. And Independence Day (Fourth of July). And wearing shorts and tank tops and seeing fireflies and ... [ Read More ]