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Five-point flower headband: The Catherine headband

five point flower headband sewmccool

  It's going to be a lovely Easter weekend, isn't it? So I wanted to share this five-point flower headband tutorial with you. I call it the Catherine headband.... ...In case you have extra time..... ...or if you find some pretty ribbons from the Easter Bunny in your basket! I enjoy hand-sewing with ribbons, and this downloadable tutorial will teach several different techniques in one! Have a wonderful holiday, and please enjoy the free tutorial!   If you ... [ Read More ]

Elegant ribbon cross headband or clip

easy ribbon cross on sewmccool

This post is sponsored by The Ribbon Retreat...but the tutorial and all opinions are my own! :) Eggs and bunnies and carrots....oh my. I couldn't decide what type of ribbon craft to make for Easter. Then I remembered the reason for the season. Yes, of course you know. It's Jesus. I respect all different religions...and not only because I'm part of an extended family with diverse religious views. In our house, we're Catholic, and this week is one of the most important weeks on ... [ Read More ]

How to sew a laminated duffel bag – Sneak Peek!

A completed sewmccool duffel with child vertical

  Ah, summer camp. The wind in their hair, no parents around.... Fun for the kids! Fun for Mom and Dad! And then... ...the kids come home. After we finish hugging them (if they let us, right?).... ...there's the cleanup duty. ....dirty clothes....wet bathing suits.....mud and muck (what is that stick thing in there?).... ...sunscreen and sticky stuff splashed in their bags..... Why worry about sending a "good" duffel with them to camp that you'll have to ... [ Read More ]

How to sew laminated fabric

learn to sew laminated fabrics on sewmccool.com

  My need to sew laminated fabric started with the desire to sew a very important project.... ..the Super Duper Pooper Mat. Yep. Don't we all need one? Before you get totally grossed out...it's for my bird. Specifically, under his bird cage stand. When he sits on top of his cage, he stoops over the edge, and....yeah. That. I wanted to protect my wood floor with something I could place under his cage and wipe clean. Laminates are perfect for this. Of course...they're ... [ Read More ]

Embroidery hoop art: Personalized headband holder

embroidery hoop headband holder for sewmccool.com

Let's welcome Lauren again, of Molly and Mama! Lauren has made a beautiful embroidery hoop headband holder for her second tutorial in the Little Girl’s Bedroom Makeover series! Take it away, Lauren! My daughter has a really large hair clip holder on her wall that’s loaded with all the pretty clips I have bought and made her. But until now we’ve had nowhere to store her lovely head bands! So I decided to create this a simple headband holder tutorial using an embroidery hoop, some ribbon, ... [ Read More ]

The Liebster award, and some link love

Screenshot 2014-04-07 at 6.28.48 PM

I'm so honored to have been nominated for The Liebster Award by Kathy, of Handmade Dress Haven! The Liebster Award is a special honor given to and by newer bloggers to show their appreciation. After just having finished my fourth month of blogging, I think it's so.totally.cool to have been chosen for this award! Kathy gave me a list of questions to answer as I accepted this honor! And at the end - I'll happily give some link love to a few bloggers and pass along the honors! 1. What is ... [ Read More ]

Sew a fabric flower: The free Scarlett Flower tutorial

sew a fabric flower with netting by sewmccool and birdsong

    It's time to open the pattern vault once more...this time with a free pattern to sew a fabric flower and fascinator. In January I wrote about the need to "focus" my Birdsong pattern shop a little more, and decided that instead of simply retiring patterns... (....so that *poof*, they'd be gone....) I'm slowly offering some of them here on the blog for free, for you to enjoy. Because I appreciate that you're here. And I think that you'll like this ultra-fancy and ... [ Read More ]

Making money blogging: Sewmccool March 2014 blog earnings

SewMcCool March 2013 blog earnings

  Well, hello there! It's a new month with more growth and changes here at Sew McCool! I know you're curious to see the SewMcCool March 2014 blog earnings, so let's get on with the meat of this meat-and-potatoes post. Traffic from February included 23,577 page views, and increased in March to.... ...nearly 10,000 more, at 33,106. Now.....some of the increase was due to a bit of luck - my ribbon shamrock post went somewhat viral, being shared by a top Pinterest maven ... [ Read More ]

How to sew piping: The piped pincushion

how to sew piping with sewmccool

  Let's continue with our piping palooza! Today we'll learn how to sew piping by practicing on a very basic pincushion. If you've just landed here and missed the previous post on how to sew continuous bias for piping, you'll need to read that first. (Unless you already know all about how to sew  bias binding). Got that down? Let's get started. What you'll need * 1/8in thick (or about that size) cording * 22in (56cm) of continuous bias, made from a 1 1/4in (32mm) strip of ... [ Read More ]

How to sew bias binding for piping

how to make continuous binding for piping by sewmccool

  Let's start a piping palooza. I love adding little details to my sewing projects. Last month I shared my enthusiasm for fabric yo yos...and this month we'll explore piping. You can do so much with piping! And when you do, you'll feel like a fabulous sewing brainiac. (or at least something like that!) But before we jump ahead to the piping, let's learn how to sew bias binding. Calling it "binding" isn't completely accurate...it's more like continuous bias strips for piping. ... [ Read More ]