• How to sew a crossbody purse with a zipper
  • Ribbon dragonfly sculpture tutorial
  • How to sew piping: The piped pincushion

Sew an owl hot pad and potholder

Sew an owl hot pad and potholder by knotsewnormal on sewmccool.com

Hi Everyone! I am Jonie from Knot Sew Normal, where I share my family's crafty adventures, and I am so excited to be here at SewMcCool to share how to sew an owl hot pad and potholder! I have been dreaming of a ceramic top stove for a really long time. (I really hated cleaning those little pans out on my old stove. It seemed like they were never clean.) A few months ago our oven went out and my dreams came true. With our old stove I would just sit stuff on top of the eyes when I took it ... [ Read More ]

Is it time to add sponsored posts to your blog?

Should bloggers accept sponsors by sewmccool.com

Blogging is a tough business. That is, if you want to make it, well, "a business." Spending the past 7 months on a new blog has taught me so much.... And among those lessons.... ...I realized I was really spoiled when I was a newspaper reporter. In that job, I had to develop sources and interview people and come up with story ideas. Then I had to write them on a deadline and make judgment calls about many different issues. It used to pain me when I had to think of "art" for the ... [ Read More ]

Make a reusable fabric notebook for kids

Make a reusable fabric notebook for kids

Hello Sew McCool readers! I am Addie from Addiek.com and I am a new contributor here on Sew McCool. Today, I would like to share with you a fun tutorial for a reusable fabric notebook. I first made this project for my daughter years ago. She is constantly drawing and I found myself overwhelmed with the amount of drawings/paper we were accumulating. We tried those dry erase pads but were not satisfied with how easily they rubbed off on everything. Now, we have a solution that is ... [ Read More ]

How to sew ring tabs for straps – and a cutting guide!

How to sew ring tabs for straps by sewmccool.com

When sewing purses or bags, it's pretty common to sew tabs that will connect to d-rings or other rings. Most of the time there are instructions on how to cut and sew the straps - but usually for only one size of ring. But what if you don't have that size handy? And you have another size instead? For example, in the tutorial on how to sew a crossbody purse, I used 1in-wide D-rings...but you can use another size if you prefer. And you'll need to know how wide to cut the strips for the ... [ Read More ]

Making money blogging: SewMcCool June 2014 blog earnings

SewMcCool June 2014 blog earnings

Ah, a crossroads. When I began my blogging journey in December 2013, I knew there would be ups and downs, and have been so thankful that there have been mostly "ups!" But June represented my first month of a drop in page views, from more than 57,000 in May to 49,538 in June.   This isn't all bad, really - May was one of those months where several posts went a little viral, and were featured a lot on different aggregator blogs (such as Craftgossip). June had just a couple of ... [ Read More ]

How to make a hair bow holder on a canvas

Hair Clip Holder

Welcome back for another instalment of the ‘Little Girl’s Bedroom Make Over’ Series. It’s so lovely to have you here again. It’s Lauren here from Molly and Mama, and I'm going to teach you how to make a hair bow holder on a canvas. In case you’ve missed it, I’m in the process of revamping my daughter’s bedroom. I’m sharing my ideas on Sew McCool for some sweet projects, including upcoming tutorials for cushion covers, a quilted pillow sham and a bed runner. And we’ve already covered making ... [ Read More ]

Sew a ruched flower from fabric or ribbon

Sew a ruched flower from fabric or ribbon

Ah...flowers. We all love flowers, don't we? But then they fade, and they're gone, and we move on. It doesn't have to be that way.... ...when you learn to sew a ruched flower from fabric or ribbon. This is a great project for your fabric or ribbon scraps, and perfect on headbands, hair clips, or as an accessory on dresses and purses. To learn how to sew a ruched flower, simply download this free PDF tutorial, The Annabelle Flower. I've made these for my daughter for ... [ Read More ]

Welcome new SewMcCool contributors!

New SewMcCool blog contributors

I'm so excited to welcome four new regular contributors to the SewMcCool blog! I love working with contributors because they give a lot of extra expertise and perspective. Irene "Mamma Nene" of SergerPepper, Lauren of Molly and Mama, and Kathy of Handmade Dress Haven have each written fantastic and popular posts, which appear here every other week. As the blog has grown I've decided to have a guest contributor each week, so four more contributors have been added to share their sewing and ... [ Read More ]

How to sew a petal hat


Hi, I'm Chelsea and I am the blogger and designer over at GYCT Designs, and I'm going to show you how to sew a petal hat - and it's reversible! I am so excited to be a contributor here at Sew McCool. If you are like me, you try to keep your children's skin protected from the sun. As summer is in full swing here, I wanted to make sure my baby girl had something to protect her while we play outside, go to the pool and sit and watch all the parades. Meet the Petal Hat! Last summer, I ... [ Read More ]

Quicker Quilting tip: How to chain piece

Chain piecing for quicker quilt tops on sewmccool.com

I've always considered quilting and sewing quilt tops to be a leisurely activity. I don't mind taking my time to sew them, and never particularly feel the urge to rush to finish. But it doesn't hurt to learn a few tips for making your quilt-making a more efficient process, right? When I was a beginner, I think one of the biggest pieces of advice someone gave me was how to chain piece. For some reason, I thought this would cause me to lose my perfect quarter-inch seam. (don't have ... [ Read More ]