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Does your local fabric shop have the fabrics you want?

Local fabric shops vs. online shops Does your LFS have the fabrics you want On sewmccool.com

At the 2014 spring Quilt Market in Pittsburgh, attendees were treated to a brilliant video about the hot new fabric line - Cotton + Steel, a division of RJR Fabrics. I know you're a savvy reader about what's "hot" in the fabric world and likely want to hoard buy the newest and trendiest ones. And Cotton + Steel - with its mix of large and small prints and nods to vintage design, certainly hits the mark. After a several years where large-scale, ornate prints have ruled supreme, Cotton + ... [ Read More ]

Serger Dictionary Part 2 – G-Z: Learn your serger!

Serger Pepper - Ultimate Serger Dictionary - Title PART 2

Hello lovely SewMcCool readers! Irene @ SergerPepper - again, for the second part of your serger dictionary! This is our Serger Dictionary Part 2 -  G-Z! Read Part 1, A-F, here! Can I suggest you something to do, if you're not in the mood to read it all now? Pin it! Let's go on with the G-Z terms! Gathers/Ruffles Yes, you can gather with your serger! And it's really easier than the good ol' procedure: ...."two (or three) rows of stitches, pull the bobbin threads, OMG I broke the ... [ Read More ]

Serger dictionary A-F: Learn your serger!

Serger Pepper - Ultimate Serger Dictionary - Title

Hi SewMcCool readers! What's up? I'm Irene and I'm the blogger/mom/IndieDesigner behind Serger Pepper. If you know me, you already know that I have a strong passion for sewing, I especially love anything serger-related (remember? I shared here my Best Serger Tension Tips and a - gone viral on Pinterest- Stitches 101 Cheat Sheet). When I've bought Santa brought me my (beloved) serger (or overlocker, if you're from UK or Australia!), I've found hard finding practical tips for using it at its ... [ Read More ]

6 reasons Halloween is stressful for home sewists

6 reasons halloween is stressful for the home sewist - funny! On sewmccool.com

It's coming. Halloween. That day-that-turned-into-a-season that many of us love. Or love to hate. Or love but it stresses us out anyway. Very spooky. As a home sewist and crafter, I've always approached this season with a bit of anxiety. I like making costumes, I like decorating for Halloween, but I put a lot of (unnecessary) stress on myself. Please tell me I'm not alone! Here are my 6 reasons Halloween is stressful for home sewists and crafters (even though we love it ... [ Read More ]

Make a no-sew fabric wreath

Make a no-sew fabric wreath - with buttons! On sewmccool.com

I absolutely love buttons. During the six years when I primarily made hair bows, I looked far and wide for the cutest, most unique buttons I could find to add as bow centers and other embellishments. I don't make as many hair bows now that I no longer sell them, but thankfully I can still get my button "fix" by using them for other projects. Here's how to make a no-sew fabric wreath - with buttons as embellishments! This is a harvest-themed wreath, but of course you can use different ... [ Read More ]

How to sew understitching for pockets

How to sew understitching for pockets by sewmccool.com

Don't you hate when you get stuck on a simple direction in a pattern? I know I do. For instance, the instructions of one of the first garments I ever sewed told me to "understitch" the collar. This was before widespread Internet use and I could not, for the life of me, figure out what "understitching" was. I went to a sewing book I had at home and still didn't quite understand. I've since figured it out, of course, but when I decided to sew up the "Flycatcher" Jersey tunic from ... [ Read More ]

Making Money Blogging: SewMcCool August 2014 Blog Earnings

SewMcCool August 2014 blog earnings

It's amazing what one post that goes kind of "viral" on Facebook can do. I had kind of dismissed Facebook for awhile as a a promotional tool - I use it, but don't expect much from it. But this month it really brought in the traffic, as you'll see with the SewMcCool August 2014 Blog Earnings Report below.     I brushed up against that elusive 100,000 page view figure in August, topping at nearly 92,000 page views.  That's in contrast with the 58,000 in July. I had ... [ Read More ]

Sew a knit stripwork skirt

Twirl and wiggle-002 main

Hello everyone! I am Jonie from Knot Sew Normal. I am so happy to share this skirt tutorial with you, for how to sew a knit stripwork skirt! My daughter saw another girl at school with a similar skirt and immediately asked me to make one for her. It's simple to make and the combinations could be endless. You can make this for anyone, from babies all the way up to women. All you need is your waist and length measurements. I'm excited to make myself one soon.   What you'll ... [ Read More ]

Hem knits without tunneling

Hem knits without tunneling on sewmccool.com

Tunnels are fun to drive through, especially for kids, who always sit up in their seats with fascination! But let's face it - when you're hemming knit fabrics, you want to avoid the tunnel. At all costs! Here's my favorite way to hem knits without tunneling. (this post contains a few affiliate links, which means I will earn a small commission if you decide to make a purchase through the link - but at no additional cost to you. Thanks for your support! Please see the disclosure ... [ Read More ]

15 excuses I’ve used for not sewing – despite loving it!

15 excuses I've used for not sewing - despite loving it! On sewmccool.com

I love to sew. I really do. But sometimes I have so many excuses for not sewing, even though I know once I get to the machine I'll enjoy myself. I'll sit there, sewing away, and think: Now why didn't I get to this two hours ago? Or yesterday? Or last weekend? But once I'm sewing, I realize exactly what excuse I created that prevented me from doing it sooner. There's usually just a small obstacle to overcome, or there's guilt, or I've simply been distracted by social media shiny objects ... [ Read More ]