• How to sew a crossbody purse with a zipper
  • How to sew piping: The piped pincushion
  • (Almost) No sew quilted ball ornament

A short break to reflect….and focus

SewMcCool Studio 6

Almost nine years ago I started my hair bow business when my youngest daughter was only six months old. Since that time, I've run an online business - it's changed and grown and morphed over the years, but it's been my focus and passion for the longest I've ever held a "career position." My expertise at making bows, then writing tutorials about making bows, led to my book, 50 Ribbon Rosettes & Bows to Make: For Perfectly Wrapped Gifts, Gorgeous Hair Clips, Beautiful Corsages, and ... [ Read More ]

5 reasons why your sewing doesn’t need to be perfect

5 reasons your sewing doesn't have to be perfect! On sewmccool.com

My name is Deanna, and I am not perfect. My sewing is not perfect. And sometimes this shames me. That voice in my Type A-personality brain gets in the way of my growth and drives me batty. How about you? For about a month I've been sewing a shirt, Grainline Studio's Archer shirt. I've made a couple of button-down shirts before but never felt comfortable with some of the steps and needed to improve. I studied videos and participated in the Sew Maris Archer ... [ Read More ]

Make a needle-felted zipper heart

Needle-felted zipper heart by sewmccool.com

I don't need another hobby. I really don't. And I wasn't looking for one. But then... I saw some really cool things on Pinterest. (You know how that is, right?) These needle-felted zipper projects made their way onto my Pinterest feed and I couldn't resist. I had to make one and put my own twist on it. Since we're gearing up for Valentine's Day, I decided to create a needle-felted zipper heart, and I'll show you how to do it!   This post on how to make a ... [ Read More ]

Book review – “Just for You” selfish sewing

Just for You selfish sewing shrug on sewmccool.com

I'll confess  it here: When I began sewing garments, I pretty much got "stuck" on sewing for my two daughters. Fit was easier - there's less fabric - and they're easier to cut because the pattern pieces are smaller. I made all sorts of excuses for not sewing for myself, but this year is different. Caroline Fairbanks-Critchfield of the blog SewCanShe invited me to be one of her "Sewlebrity Sewists" as she and co-author Sarah Markos launch their new book, "Just for You" Selfish Sewing ... [ Read More ]

The final reveal! Sewing room renovation

SewMcCool sewing room renovation. From all-purpose room to a sewing studio. On sewmccool.com

In October 2014 I finally realized that my sewing area was completely unworkable and needed a change. My sewing/crafting space took up half of a finished basement room, but had no cutting surface, so I had to cut fabric on the floor of my foyer upstairs. I couldn't cut fabric in the evenings there because I didn't have enough light. I was typing on my dining room table, and because I'm short and the setup wasn't correct for typing, I developed a repetitive stress injury in my elbow. So ... [ Read More ]

I’ve “copied.” And I bet you have too.

I've copied. And I bet you have, too. Analyzing copying in the creative field.

Last month I received a blog comment on a holiday ornament tutorial post I wrote a year earlier. It went like this: "Glad to see my video tutorial I posted back in October of this year is being put to good use! I like that you have used a styrofoam ball in place of a glass ball. At least you won’t burn your fingers that way!" The insinuation, of course, was that I copied off of her video. But initially her comment made me smile. As she said, her video posted in October 2014, and I ... [ Read More ]