• How to sew a crossbody purse with a zipper
  • How to sew piping: The piped pincushion
  • (Almost) No sew quilted ball ornament

Sew a needlebook lanyard

how to sew a needlebook lanyard on sewmccool.com. Makes a great gift!

Sometimes we want to make a cute little something for ourselves or to give to a fellow sewist who might not make enough things for herself. (Know anyone like that?) I rarely sew for myself, which is a shame, because I have so many ideas in my head. But this time I decided to sew a needlebook lanyard, so that I'd have access to my pins and needles while working on my "while I'm waiting" hand-stitching projects. You know the kind - the little projects to bring to the doctor's office, to ... [ Read More ]

Sew a cache coeur / Sew a crossover shrug!

Serger Pepper - The Cutie Pie Cache-coeur FREE Pattern - Guest post SewMcCool TITLE

Hi SewMcCool readers! It's Irene from SergerPepper.com! Like many other girls at her age, my daughter dreams to become a ballet dancer. This is what inspired me to sew a cache coeur, / sew a crossover shrug. It's a garment usually worn by dancers of any age, that can (more practically) help in layering for fall and spring, for those days when a cardigan is too much but you appreciate the warm hug it gives to your shoulders, warming your heart, literally... and I think of it like if it was my ... [ Read More ]

Sew a ribbon cockade ornament or brooch

Make a ribbon Christmas ornament - ribbon cockade on sewmccool.com

I saw a ribbon cockade once and thought it was just the most beautiful ribbon creation I had ever seen. I realized that I must.must. teach myself how to make one. Ribbon cockades work great as decorations in your favorite colors, to trim your Christmas tree, or even to wear as a brooch in the smaller sizes. I feature one in my book, 50 Ribbon Rosettes & Bows to Make: For Perfectly Wrapped Gifts, Gorgeous Hair Clips, Beautiful Corsages, and Decorative Fun! (Amazon affiliate link), ... [ Read More ]

Budgets and marketing for craft books: The craft book publishing industry, Part 2

Craft book publisher budgets and marketing - Behind the scenes of the craft book publishing industry on sewmccool.com

Getting your craft book published isn't a mysterious process, and it's certainly not something to do if you're wanting to earn  a lot of money quickly. That's what we learned in Part 1 of our peek behind the curtain of the craft book publishing industry. In this second part we'll talk about budgets and marketing for craft books, as well as publisher risk and the future of the craft book publishing industry. We're chatting again with Kate McKean, a literary agent with the Howard Morhaim ... [ Read More ]

Part 1: Behind the scenes in the craft book publishing industry

Behind the scenes of the craft book publishing industry, part 1. Learn about advances, royalties, and how to land a contract, from publishing experts. On sewmccool.com

Last year, after crafting and writing about hair bows and ribbon and other accessories for six years, I landed a contract to write a book about my craft. I had pitched the book a twice before and was rejected (one was a quick "no" and the other went through the process with a publisher, but was eventually passed on as well). So when I received an e-mail out of the blue from a publisher asking me if I wanted to write a book a few months after I had received the second rejection ... I didn't ... [ Read More ]

Sew a tote with 3 fabrics in only 10 steps!

Sew a tote in 3 fabrics in 10 steps, by TheInspiredWren_01

Hello again Sew McCool readers, I'm Ren Murphy. You can usually find me at The Inspired Wren where I share inspired sewing, crochet, and craft projects. You may remember me from the Asymmetrical Urban Hoodie Color Blocking tutorial. Today, I’m here to share a tutorial for The 3-Fabric, 10-Step Tote—a quick afternoon sew. That's right! Learn how to sew a tote with 3 fabrics in only 10 steps!   This tote is the perfect project to highlight great fabric combinations. It’s time to ... [ Read More ]

How to sew a hand bag – ruched bag tutorial

How to sew a purse - ruched bag tutorial by Friends Stitched Together on sewmccool.com!

I have been looking for a long time for a large hand bag that has shoulder straps and no closures without any success - so I finally decided to just make up my own! This is Amy from Friends Stitched Together and I have a tutorial on how to sew a hand bag - it's my new favorite ruched bag!   You will need: 1 yard quilt weight cotton fabric for the outer shell. If you have a directional print, you may need more. 1 yard lining fabric - I have used both a canvas and a quilt weight ... [ Read More ]

How to sew a zippered welt pocket

How to sew welt pockets

This is Amy of Friends Stitched Together, back to show you how to sew a zippered welt pocket. This is one of my favorite ways to add a little interest to a regular pocket and it's much easier than it looks!     First you'll need to cut two pocket pieces to the size of the pocket you want, plus seam allowance. I want a 6"x6" pocket and am using a 1/2" seam allowance, so I'll cut two pieces that are 7"x7". You'll also need a zipper, the project you want to add the pocket on, ... [ Read More ]

You’re paying me what? A new series about the “creative life”

You're paying me what Introducing a series examining income in non-technical creative fields. On sewmccool.com

I've spent my entire career as a lower-paid professional in the writing and arts fields, changing directions from newspapers to freelancing to public relations, then to crafts and writing about crafting and sewing. I've often thought: "You're paying me what?" I've flailed around much of this time, trying home-selling companies to supplement my income (think Mary Kay), and putting my "all" into various entrepreneurial ventures that tend to be geared toward the work-at-home mother. In ... [ Read More ]

Everyday Tank blog tour – dress for a teen!

Everyday tank dress by SergerPepper on sewmccool 1

  I was honored to be invited to participate in the Everyday Tank blog tour, as Irene of SergerPepper.com launches a great pattern for girls (and petite women) in sizes from 3-14. You can win the pattern too! I'll admit, though, that I dragged my feet sewing it up because it is a tank, and it's November. But I realized that this was also the perfect opportunity to sew up a little cardigan I want to make, and that my 13-year-old can use this dress year-round! I love the ... [ Read More ]