• How to sew a crossbody purse with a zipper
  • Ribbon dragonfly sculpture tutorial
  • How to sew piping: The piped pincushion

Lap quilt pattern sneak peek – the Lazy Halfsies quilt

Lazy Halfsies Quilt main

Sewing quilt tops was my form of therapy for many years. Something about being able to control the fabric....matching seams....hearing the hum of the sewing machine and building something beautiful that I could use later. *Love.*   So I was so excited - and honored - to design a quilt for my sponsor, Fabricworm.com, with the Birch Fabrics fun and outdoor-sy fabric line, Feather River. This is a great lap quilt pattern for a beginner - large pieces, easy seams, and a quick ... [ Read More ]

Sew baby bow headbands – sneak peek!

How to make a baby bow headband by sewmccool.com

Baby girls. We all love them - they're so fun to dress up in pretty clothes and accessories. I especially like to sew baby bow headbands. With just a bit of ribbon (I buy most of my ribbon from my sponsor, The Ribbon Retreat) and some stretch lace, you can create a beautiful headband in no time. These are so perfect for gifts! To see the tutorial, head on over to Mabey She Made It, where I'm a guest poster today. And please be sure to spend some time looking around Lisa's site - ... [ Read More ]

Sew a felt pincushion – and a giveaway!

Sew a felt pincushion! Mushroom pincushion from the book Pincushion Appeal on sewmccool.com

I love hand-sewing with wool felt. Something about how it doesn't fray...about how the needle feels when I slide it through the buttery fabric... ...and how easily I can carry the project with me to sew in front of the television or during on a road trip when I'm not driving. I also love decorative buttons - during the six years I exclusively sewed hair bows, I was always on the hunt for collections of cute buttons to embellish my projects. Collecting whimsical buttons became a bit of ... [ Read More ]

Sew an asymmetrical urban hoodie with color blocking


Hello Sew McCool readers, I'm Ren Murphy. You can usually find me at The Inspired Wren where I share inspired sewing, crochet, and craft projects. Today, I’m here to show you how to create an asymmetrical urban hoodie with color blocking. Color-blocking is a fun way to customize a pattern you may already have on hand. Frequently color-blocking is created parallel to the seams, creating rectangular fields of color. I saw this image on Pinterest and had a light-bulb moment: asymmetry + ... [ Read More ]

How to stitch a sewing machine cover


Hi, this is Chelsea again, and I am the blogger and designer over at GYCT Designs! For years, I have been wanting to make myself a sewing machine cover. I've pinned and planned. But something more pressing, more exciting, more demanding always came up. In fact, I bought this fabric back in March just for my cover. But alas, I didn't make one even then. So naturally, when the opportunity finally presented itself, I had to jump up and down and say "YES".     Perhaps ... [ Read More ]

Making money blogging: SewMcCool July 2014 blog earnings

SewMcCool July 2014 Blog Earnings

July... ...a month with a vacation, several posts from contributing bloggers, and days here and there where I didn't have time to micro-manage my site at all. The site didn't break. Everything kept going. And my traffic was even up from June.     SewMcCool had almost 58,500 page views in July, up from 49,500 in June...and up a little from May's 57,000 + views. It's my impression now that I'll be hanging around the 50,000 mark for the foreseeable future, ... [ Read More ]

6 things never to say to someone who sews

6 things never to say to someone who sews

If you sew, you've been there. The same reactions, responses, and requests you get when someone finds out that you sew. We know that everyone means well... ...but still... There are some things we'd rather not hear for the umpteenth time. Am I right?   So here are 6 things never to say to someone who sews, and our mental responses that we would never say out loud: 1. I have a pair of pants I need hemmed...how much would you charge me? Mental thought: Not ... [ Read More ]

Make a felt rose trio headband

How to make felt roses on sewmccool.com

There's just something special about working with felt. Really good, yummy felt. Not the plastic-like stuff, but beautiful wool or wool-blend felt (from my Amazon affiliate) that drapes well and feels soft to the touch. That's the kind of felt I use when I make a felt rose.     And you don't just have to make one felt rose! You can make several and group them into a great brooch or headband. Learn how to make your own felt rose with this downloadable PDF ... [ Read More ]

How to sew a hexie pillow

Make a hexie pillow with Sizziz Big Shot by sewmccool.com

It's time for me to join the English Paper Piecing "hexie" craze! For those not familiar with it, English Paper Piecing (abbreviated as EPP) is a hand-sewing method of piecing shapes together, using paper templates. Because I had never tried EPP before, I didn't want to go too crazy. Small doses first, right? I decided to sew a hexie pillow with a limited number of hexagon shapes, just to get my feet wet. A couple of weeks ago our family visited Frank Lloyd Wright's iconic ... [ Read More ]

Book about bows, and a giveaway!

Book about bows giveaway

When I was in fourth grade.... I decided I wanted to be an author. And while I initially thought I'd write The Great American Novel, I realized after journalism school that I'm pretty much a non-fiction gal. And so I wrote non-fiction. But I've always loved art. And crafting. It took me many years to realize I could combine the writing and the crafting. Duh!!! I know, right? So it's with great joy and excitement that my book about bows, 50 Ribbon Rosettes & Bows to ... [ Read More ]